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Welding wire role 5 kg


  • Welding wire diameter: ø 0.8 mm

  • Industrial quality

  • Weight: 11 lbs

  • Type: AWS ER70S - 6 DIN SG2

Welding wire role 5 kg

Thanks to our AREBOS welding wire, workpieces can be ideally connected and high-quality results can be achieved quickly.
In accordance with our quality standards, we have designed this item to function in accordance with your needs as a customer.
The result is a roll weighing 5 kilograms and a welding wire with a diameter of 0.8 millimeters. Material type and composition comply with the strict specifications of DIN SG2. The spool width is 56 millimeters and the spool diameter is 200 millimeters.

You too can optimize your welding work with this practical helper.

Secure your model too!

At AREBOS you not only get products with a recommendable price-performance ratio, but also practical additional tips. Our AREBOS shielding gas roll is suitable for the welding methods MIG/MAG. Therefore, we will explain to you in the following which mistakes are often made with these welding methods and how you can avoid them.

Consider the spot weld as a reference point for welding mistakes. Many things can be "read" from the shape and consistency of a spot weld. For example, if the voltage is set too low, weld spots will form that cannot penetrate the material to the other side. However, if the tension is too high, the molten material will run through to the other side, resulting in holes at the weld. Therefore, always pay attention to the set tension.

Are small pieces of wire sticking out of the weld? Then the torch was probably guided too fast during welding or the wire feed was too high. If, on the other hand, the weld pattern looks "porous", you have either supplied too little or the wrong shielding gas or you have placed the contact tube too far in the welding torch and thus reduced the distance to the workpiece too much.

Even experienced craftsmen sometimes experience irregular welding arcs. Factors that can easily be avoided often play a role here: Make sure the areas to be welded are clean so that good contact can be made. The contact tube should also be cleaned and show no wear. Paint residues, rust or dirt also have an influence on conductivity.

5.00 kgs
Delivery Scope
1x roll AREBOS inert gas welding wire
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
Special Features
  • Industrial quality
Mandrel Diameter
50.5 mm
Material Type & Shape
SG 2
Model Name
Number of Packages
Spool Diameter
200 mm
Spool Width
56 mm
Welding Method
Welding Wire Diameter
0.8 mm
Product Family
Shielding Gas Roll / Welding Wire
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