Aluminum rollator - foldable with bag

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AREBOS aluminum rollator - foldable with bag

This rolling walker from AREBOS is not just a walking aid, but also offers a higher degree of independence and freedom. In the eyes of many people, living a self-reliant life is the best possible quality of life. It is therefore all the more important to be able to rely on the safety of a walker.

The AREBOS lightweight walker offers several benefits: The built-in seating surface provides a seat at any time, allowing for spontaneous breaks when on the go. The backrest allows for a relaxed seating position, providing relieve for the complete musculoskeletal system. The 6 different height settings allow for the walker to be adjusted to any body height. The handles feature an ergonomic shape and therefore protect palms and wrists. The reflectors on the front wheels allow for maximum visibility. Within seconds, this walker can be folded in order to save space and hustle, for example when being transported in a car.

The useful shopping bag of the walker offers sufficient space for personal belongings or purchased goods. Another advantage: Securing the cane in the provided holder will keep the cane close at hand at all times. In order to facilitate lifting the castor wheels, e.g. when crossing a curb, simply apply slight pressure to the footboard. No need to worry about obstacles any longer.

The walker is pre-installed and only needs to be unfolded for use.
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We offer a comprehensive range of spare part for this AREBOS rolling walker. Please contact us.

To take this walker along with you when traveling, simply fold and store it in just a few steps. The walker does not feature any sharp-edged parts, making folding and installing it as safe and comfortable as possible.

Removable shopping bag
This bag has the advantage of being removable, allowing you to take this bag with you for shopping and to reattach it to the walker afterwards. Unlike with a rucksack, you will not experience any restrictions to your mobility.

Cane holder
Securing the cane to the designated cane holder will keep the cane close at hand when parking the walker, providing you with more independence and flexibility during everyday life and when traveling.

Safe movement
Flexible 360° profiled wheels ensure maximum grip and utmost maneuverability. The built-in lifter system will facilitate crossing over obstacles. Use the hand brake to always maintain control over your walker.

Price-performance test winner
Discover for yourself! Our rolling walker has been price-performance test winner on the website and will impress you with its elegant design and durability. With a weight of only 7.6 kg, this walker is one of lightest models available on the market.

AREBOS rolling walkers
Featuring many different colors, this aluminum walker from AREBOS is going to be a real “eyecatcher”. Be it glaring red, stylish brown, classic grey, or black – you will find what you are looking for.

8.00 kgs
Colour Handles
Delivery Scope

1 x Rollator
1 x User Manual

Relevance of Dangerous Goods
Features Handle
Ergonomically shaped
Special Features
  • integrated seat
  • Backrest, 6-fold height-adjustable
  • ergonomically shaped handles
  • Reflectors on the front wheels
  • practical shopping bag
  • cane holder
  • With reflectors on the wheels and on the bag
Usage Instruction

Get the right walker suitable for you
There are a few rules to observe in order for the walker to be used safely and not to turn into a tripping hazard. Arebos provides you with proper instructions, tips and tricks for avoiding common mistakes.

Mistake no. 1: Handles too low
Stand in front of the walker and leave your arms hanging down naturally. The handles of the walker should always be at the same height with your wrists. Important: When adjusting the height, keep an upright, straight posture. If the handles are too low, your center of gravity will shift forward and your full body weight will rest on the walker, resulting in a bad posture that will negatively impact your back muscles. Pain in the palms and wrists would be another unpleasant side effect. As another result, it would become increasingly difficult to cross over obstacles and the risk of falls would increase as well. Therefore, keep in mind that a walking aid is just that – an aid.

Mistake no. 2: Handles too high
Unfortunately, the following is a common sight: Users push the walker in front of them like a shopping cart. This is caused by handles being too high. Recommendation: While walking, bend your arms and walk with your feet in between the back wheels. A rolling walker moving too slowly increases the risk of tripping.

Thanks to 6 different height settings, this Arebos walker can be adjusted to any body size, for you to avoid problems from handles being too high or too low.

Deep Seat
45 cm
Folded Height
65 cm
Handle Height Max.
93 cm
Handle Height Min.
78 cm
78 cm
Height Seat
54 cm
75 cm
Material Frame
Material Handles
Number of Packages
Number of Tires
Tire Diameter
17 cm
64 cm
Width Seat
45 cm
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