Roof mounting set

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The NuaSol roof mounting set offers a robust and reliable solution for mounting solar modules on trapezoidal and tiled roofs. The aluminium profiles are specially designed for easy installation and a long service life.

The set contains all the necessary components, including the aluminium profiles, fixing screws and mounting accessories. The profiles are lightweight yet strong, making them easy to handle and install.

By using high-quality materials such as aluminium, the set is corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, ensuring long-term performance and durability. The profiles are also designed to allow optimal alignment of the solar panels to maximise energy production.

The NuaSol roof mounting kit offers a versatile solution for different roof types and allows solar panels to be securely mounted without damaging the roof surface. With this kit, homeowners and installers can efficiently and reliably mount solar panels on their roofs to generate clean and sustainable energy.

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