Compressor cool box 43 L

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Cooling function
You can cool your drinks or food to up to 18 degrees below the outside temperature. The advantage of the AREBOS cool box is that you don't need a fridge when barbecuing in summer, but can keep your drinks and food cool in the box. This makes leisure time fun!

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Heat function
This all-rounder is equipped with a cooling and heating function. Thanks to the thermostat-controlled keep-warm function, food can be heated or kept warm up to a temperature of 20 °C. Ideal for winter outings where you don't want to go without warm food and drinks.

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Manual operation & APP control
The APP control allows you to regulate the temperature of the cool box easily and conveniently via your smartphone. This function enables flexible control, even when you are not directly at the appliance. The built-in LCD touch screen enables direct, manual operation of the cool box. By simply tapping the screen, you can set the desired temperature and control other functions of the cool box.

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USB connection
The USB port offers an additional utilisation option and makes the cool box not only a place for cooling, but also a practical power source for your electronic devices. Especially during outdoor activities, camping trips or longer journeys by car, lorry or boat, the USB port can be extremely practical for charging mobile devices when no other power source is available.

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Multifunctional connection options
The cooler can be connected to both conventional alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) sockets. This allows the cooler to be used both at home and when travelling in a car, truck or boat. Whether you are travelling, camping or simply want to keep your drinks cold - the various connection options make the cool box extremely flexible and adaptable to different situations.

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Practical handling
The side handles allow easy handling, both when lifting the cooler in and out of vehicles and when transporting it to different locations, whether camping, on boats or at home. The combination of high-quality, scratch-resistant materials, robust design and well thought-out details makes the AREBOS compressor cool box a durable, high-quality product.

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LED interior lighting
The cool box is equipped with an integrated interior light that illuminates the inside of the cool box when required. This is particularly useful when using the cool box at night or when ambient light is limited. The lighting allows you to see the contents of the cool box better and makes it easier to find certain items without having to use an external light source.

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Drain plug for removing water
The compressor cooler with drain plug offers a practical function to facilitate the removal of liquids, cleaning agents or food residues. The drain plug is usually located at the bottom of the cooler and allows excess water or melt water to be drained easily without having to tip or tilt the entire cooler.

2,545.00 kgs
Delivery Scope
  • 1x compressor cool box 43L
  • 1x 12/24V cable (DC) 2.2 m
  • 1x AC connection cable 2.5 m
  • 1x operating instructions
Special Features
  • Electric cool box for drinks & food - ideal for outdoors, car, lorry, boat, camping & at home
  • Integrated compressor cooling system for efficient cooling - fast cooling to 0 °C in 25 minutes, with power cooling function
  • USB connection for mobile phone charging
  • Temperature control via APP or LCD touch screen
  • Reliable & quiet operation
  • Lockable & customisable lid opening for flexible access
  • LED interior lighting for good visibility
  • Various connection options: Mobile phone, power bank, AC/DC, USB & mains connection
  • Drain plug for easy emptying of water
  • Cold & warm function (- 20 °C to 20 °C)
  • Suitable for vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, drinks & cosmetics
43 l
Climate Class
N, ST, T
Cooling Temperature ( Below Ambient Temperature ) Max.
43 °C
Cooling Temperature ( Below Ambient Temperature ) Min.
10 °C
61,8 x 37,6 x 51,4 cm
Energy Consumption
60 kW
Energy Efficiency Class
Heating Temperature
- 20 bis 20 °C
Model Name
Number of Packages
60 W
AC power supply unit
230V /50/60 Hz
Cable length (AC cable/12 V cable)
2.2 m
Cable length (DC cable/230 V cable)
2.5 m
DC power supply unit
12V / 24V
Material of the outer housing
Noise emission
47 dB(A)
Product Family
Compressor cooler
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