Grill plate for induction hobs


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Two-part surface
With its innovative two-part surface, the grill plate offers maximum flexibility when cooking. One side has grill ribs, ideal for grilling meat, fish and vegetables to create authentic grill marks and flavours. The other side is a smooth frying surface, perfect for frying foods such as eggs, pancakes or for gently searing vegetables.

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Matt enamel coating
The surface of the grill plate is coated with a matt black enamel. This coating not only offers improved non-stick properties, which minimises the burning of food and makes cleaning easier, but also contributes to even heat distribution. The enamel coating also protects the cast iron from rust and makes it easier to clean.

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High-quality & robust material
The grill plate is made of first-class cast iron. This material is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. Cast iron is ideal for griddles as it distributes and retains high temperatures evenly, ensuring perfectly roasted or grilled food and making the griddle a long-lasting companion in the kitchen.

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Scratch-resistant base with special feet
The special feet are designed to maintain minimal contact with the surface of the induction hob, significantly reducing the risk of scratches or other damage. The material of these feet is carefully selected to combine hardness with a certain degree of flexibility so that it is firm enough to support the grill plate securely without scratching the hob surface.

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Compatibility with induction hobs
Specially developed for use on induction hobs, this grill plate adapts perfectly to hobs with a flex zone. This allows flexible positioning on the hob and guarantees efficient heat transfer for induction cooking. Induction compatibility ensures fast heating and precise temperature control.

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Easy cleaning thanks to non-stick coating
The enamel coating has a non-stick effect, which makes cleaning the grill plate much easier. Food sticks less and any residue can be easily removed. This property saves time and effort when reworking and maintains the quality and appearance of the grill plate over time.

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1x grill plate

Special Features
  • Delicious variety: For frying burgers, steaks, bacon, grilled vegetables, fish and much more directly on the hob.
  • High-quality cast iron material: Ensures durability and excellent heat distribution.
  • Matt enamel coating: Improves heat distribution and makes cleaning easier thanks to non-stick properties.
  • Two-part surface: Offers a side with grill ribs for typical grill patterns and a smooth side for roasting and gentle grilling.
  • Scratch-resistant base thanks to special feet: Effectively protects induction hobs from damage
  • Optimum heat distribution: Ensures even cooking without cold or overheated spots.
  • Easy to clean: The enamel coating makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • Compatible with induction hobs: Specially developed for use on induction hobs, ideal for modern kitchens.
43,6 x 22,9 x 3,7 cm
Cast iron
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Grill plate
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