Heat belt with adjustable strap and Velcro fastener

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AREBOS body heating pad - soothing warmth for your body
Discover the AREBOS heating pad and pamper yourself with comforting warmth on cold winter days. Whether at home or at work - the heating pad provides warmth particularly quickly thanks to the rapid heating.
The fleece heating pad offers excellent comfort and softness for your daily use. Thanks to the included transport bag, it can easily be used wherever you need it - quasi the heating pad to go. The electric heating pad can be used anywhere there is a power socket nearby. Thanks to the long cable, you are extremely flexible and have a range of up to 2.4 metres.
The six different heating levels can be adjusted as desired thanks to the high-quality LED control. Thanks to the 100W power, the heating pad is already fully heated up within 10 minutes. The device has an integrated automatic switch-off, which stops the heat supply approx. 90 minutes after the device has been put into operation. The simple operation lets you relax completely.

Effective heat distribution & intuitive operation
The ultra-thin heating wires are flexible and lie flat in the heating pad. Barely noticeable, the wires provide the heat you need without the bulkiness or discomfort of traditional wires. The heat belt is equipped with an LED controller and is convenient to use. A choice of six different temperature levels can be set - the right temperature for every heat sensation.

Overheating protection & automatic switch-off
The integrated overheating protection ensures the required safety, this protects the heating pad from defects and thus prevents damage and injuries. Additional safety is provided by an intelligent automatic switch-off. Should you fall asleep and forget to switch off the electric heating pad, an automatic switch-off can be guaranteed by a 90-minute timer.

Flexibly adjustable
The heat belt is ideal for wearing on the back or stomach. With the practically infinitely adjustable Velcro fastener, you have more freedom of movement and can carry out your activities without any problems. Due to the flexible use, many other parts of the body can also be kept warm. When opened, the effective belt is also suitable as a small electric blanket or heating pad. The ideal solution for cold winter days!

Relax wherever you want
In the office while you work
While you are lying comfortably on the sofa reading in the evening
In the TV chair to relax and watch your favourite programme
In bed for a comfortable and relaxed sleep
Or simply take a break with a cup of coffee

Cuddly, skin-friendly material
Our heat belt is made of high-quality polyester, which has been made into a snug and skin-friendly material through innovative processing techniques. The polyester feels soft and gentle on the skin without causing friction or discomfort. It has been carefully selected and processed to ensure maximum comfort.

Easy cleaning & care
Our heat belt has been designed with effortless cleaning and care in mind. The durable polyester material allows for easy machine washing at up to 40°C once the controller has been removed, ensuring convenient and efficient cleaning. After washing, the material retains its shape and softness without losing quality. This ensures hygienic use for years to come.
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  • 1x heating pad
  • 1x remote control
  • 1x storage bag
  • 1x instruction manual
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Class 2
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Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor
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