Hepa filter for industrial hoover 1300W


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Effective filtration 
The AREBOS HEPA fine filter provides efficient filtration to remove the finest particles such as dust, pollen and mould spores from the air, which is particularly important in industrial environments. In addition to removing particles, the filter can also effectively reduce unpleasant odours. It absorbs odour molecules and ensures fresh and clean air. 

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Compact dimensions 
These compact dimensions not only enable easy installation, but also contribute to flexibility when it comes to storing replacement filters. The handy dimensions also facilitate regular maintenance and replacement of the filter to ensure the hoover's continued high performance. 

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Improved air quality 
The use of the universally applicable HEPA fine filter significantly improves indoor air quality. Allergens, fine particles and pollutants are effectively removed, which contributes to healthier indoor air and an improved sense of well-being. 

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Durable and reusable 
The HEPA fine filter is robust and durable. It can be used several times after it has been cleaned and maintained, which reduces costs for regular replacement and extends the service life of the appliance. 

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Easy installation and cleaning 
The filter is specially designed for AREBOS industrial hoovers with 1300W, is easy to insert into compatible devices and is simple to clean. The HEPA filter can be cleaned with water, a brush or a hoover. 

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Wide range of products
AREBOS offers a wide range of products in various categories, including tools, machines, garden and household appliances. This diversity enables the brand to fulfil different requirements and needs.

Delivery Scope

1x HEPA filter

Suitable for
AREBOS industrial hoover 2300W
14 x 11,5 cm
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Product Family
Hepa filter
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