KM-Fit Tpe yoga mat 183 x 61 cm black


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All the highlights at a glance:

  • Cushioned: The 0.5 cm thick mat provides excellent cushioning and padding for joints and muscles
  • Non-slip: The non-slip surface ensures safe and stable training, even when sweating
  • Breathable: The material allows good ventilation to ensure a comfortable training experience
  • Line system for body alignment: Supports correct alignment during training, especially for yoga exercises
  • Carry bag included: Easy transport and storage of the mat for flexibility and convenience
  • Resistant to harmful microorganisms: Protects against germs and bacteria for hygienic training
  • Additional accessories: Includes a yoga strap and a fascia duoball to enhance your workout
  • Break-resistant: The mat is robust and durable to withstand the demands of your workout
  • Very light: Easy to carry and handle, ideal for travelling

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High-quality material
This yoga mat from Km-Fit is made of first-class material that combines durability and comfort. With a combination of natural rubber and TPE, it offers the perfect balance between stability and environmental friendliness. The robust natural rubber ensures durability, while the TPE surface provides a non-slip and healthy training environment. 

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Unique line system 
Our training mat is characterised by a unique line system for body alignment. They support your correct alignment, improving the effectiveness of your workout while you enjoy the benefits of a comfortable and environmentally friendly mat. A horizontal guide line ensures optimal balance between your hands and feet in a vertical position. 

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Incl. yoga strap & fascia duoball
In addition to our high-quality yoga mat, you will also receive a practical yoga strap and a Penut massage ball. The yoga strap allows you to improve your stretching and flexibility during your exercises, while the fascia duo ball is ideal for releasing tension and massaging your muscles. These included accessories expand the possibilities of your training and make our mat a comprehensive solution for your fitness needs.

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The Yoga Mat from KM-Fit is designed for hygiene. Its high-quality material is mould-resistant and easy to clean. After training, you can simply wipe it down and leave it to air dry to ensure that your training environment always remains clean and hygienic. This allows you to concentrate fully on your exercises without having to worry about cleanliness.

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Easy to transport 
This gym mat is space-saving and easy to store. The bag supplied makes transport effortless, no matter where you go. After training, simply roll up the mat and store it neatly. This simple storage solution ensures that you always have your yoga mat to hand and can transport it easily, whether to the yoga studio, fitness centre or outdoor exercises.

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For professionals and beginners 
Our exercise mat has been designed to fulfil the needs of people of all experience levels. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the world of yoga or fitness, this mat offers the perfect combination of comfort, stability and quality. It will support you in your exercises, whether you are already an expert or just starting out on your fitness journey.

Delivery Scope
  • 1x Yoga mat
  • 1x Yoga strap
  • 1x Fascia Duoball
  • 1x Transport bag
  • 1x Instruction manual
Special Features
  • Alignment markings
  • Non-slip
  • Breathable
  • Incl. accessories
  • Easy to clean
Gymnastics, health and fitness, yoga, Pilates
Cork, TPE, cotton
Model Name
Number of Packages
Penut massage ball dimensions
6 x 12 cm
Yoga mat dimensions
183 x 61 x 0,5 cm
Yoga mat weight
1,2 kg
Yoga strap dimensions
180 x 38 mm
Product Family
Yoga mat
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