Milling head set for nail cutters - 12 pieces


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Delivery Time 6-9 working days

  • 6 high-quality milling attachments and 5 grinding sleeves

  • Mandrel for callus removal

  • Pointed cone for hygienic and quick nail processing

Small cone for the removal of cuticles and the processing of difficult edges

  • All attachments are suitable for gel removal

12 piece nail attachment set

This set consists of 6 high-quality milling attachments. Different strengths and shapes allow particularly accurate work for gel or acrylic. You will also receive 5 grinding sleeves.

The attachment with the large head is the mandrel, where the abrasive sleeves for callus removal are attached. The remaining attachments are for all work around the nail such as grinding, removing gel layers, cleaning the underside of the nail, milling out the smile line and for working on the cuticle.

Round heads: applicable, among other things, for nail thickening and calluses or other foot and nail problems and are best suited for cleaning the nail fold and removing corns or similar calluses.

Pointed cone rounded: Fine diamond particles on the abrasive body allow hygienic and speedy nail processing.
Small cone: For removing cuticles and working on difficult edges.
You can use all attachments for gel removal. You may have to set the revolutions a little higher.

Of course, you can also use the attachments for foot care. The attachments can be sterilized and disinfected. They can be used in many ways in nail cosmetics, e.g. to file off the modeling materials, to file over the tips, to remove the cuticles, adhesive residues under the tip can be removed quickly and easily, and much more.

The pin width is approx. + / -2 mm and therefore suitable for all common cutters with a shank width of 2 to 2.5 mm! The attachments are supplied in a practical storage box.

0.20 kgs
Age Recommendation
18 and above
Delivery Scope

6x milling attachments
6x grinding sleeves
1x storage box

  • 6x milling attachments
  • 6x grinding sleeves
Set Includes
2.5 cm
Model Name
Number of Packages
Pen Width
2 mm
Pen Width
ca +/- 2 mm
Product Family
Nail Care Accessories
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