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Professional AREBOS crowd control system for versatile applications
The AREBOS delineator is an indispensable tool for organising and controlling the flow of people in a variety of environments, including concerts, museums, airports and many more. This system is characterised by its high flexibility, stability and ease of use.
Equipped with an extendable belt of up to 190 cm in length, it offers variable application possibilities and can be quickly adapted to different situations. The heavy base plate with a diameter of 32 cm and a weight of 6.5 kg each guarantees a secure and firm stand at all times, which is particularly important in busy areas.
The polished stainless steel not only gives the pedestrian guidance system an attractive appearance, but also ensures durability and resistance to the elements. With a total weight of 14 kg, the system is also easy to relocate, making it easy to transport and rearrange.
Whether in a busy airport, at a glamorous awards ceremony or in a busy department stores', AREBOS barrier tape is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a reliable, flexible and elegant method of guiding people.

Extendable conveyor
The AREBOS pedestrian guidance system's belt can be extended up to 190 cm, which offers excellent flexibility in terms of room layout and people guidance. This function makes it possible to adjust the distance between the stands as required and thus effectively cordon off areas of different sizes.

Stable base
The base of the pedestrian guidance system has a diameter of 32 cm and provides a solid and stable base that prevents it from tipping over, even in high-traffic areas. This ensures additional safety and reliability, even when many people are in the vicinity at the same time.

High quality material
Made of polished stainless steel, the pedestrian guidance system is not only visually appealing, but also particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. These properties make it ideal for use in indoor and outdoor areas where it has to withstand various weather conditions and heavy use.

Easy handling
The total weight of the system is only 14 kg, which makes it very easy to transport and reposition. This is particularly important in dynamic environments such as concerts or exhibitions, where quick adjustment of the barriers may be necessary.

Versatile application options
The AREBOS barrier posts are ideal for a variety of venues and situations, including airports, hotels, hospitals and department stores, due to their robustness and flexibility. It can be used for crowd control, signposting or demarcating specific areas.

Twin pack
Two barrier stands are included in the scope of delivery, enabling immediate readiness for the basic configuration of wayfinding or demarcation. This is particularly useful for event managers and venue operators who need a quick and effective crowd management solution.
2,546.00 kgs
Application Area
Concert and theater box offices, in front of clubs, at airport counters, etc.
Delivery Scope

2 x Barriers including a pull-out barrier band

Relevance of Dangerous Goods
  • Barriers including a pull-out barrier band
Set of 2
Set Includes
Diameter Base Feets
32 cm
stainless steel
Material Tube
Polished stainless steel
Number of Packages
Pipe Diameter
62 mm
Stand - Weight
6.5 kg
Strap Length
190 cm
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