Pipe Cleaning Hose 15 m

Delivery Time 6-9 working days

[USEFUL] Our pipe cleaning hose has been designed particularly for cleaning hoses. The included adapter supports using this cleaning hose together with a high-pressure cleaner, allowing for versatile applications. Easily rectify smaller issues on your own, because plumbing work can be expensive and time-consuming.

[UNIVERSAL] Thanks to the included adapter with bayonet fitting, the quick connect coupler, M22 external thread, internal thread, etc., this pipe cleaning set is suitable for use with all common high-pressure cleaners.

[ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY] Cleaning work with this hose from AREBOS is facilitated without any chemicals but with water only. Keep pursuing your cleaning work with a good, clean conscience.

[POWERFUL CLEANING PERFORMANCE] The pipe cleaner features a maximum operating pressure of 160 bar, allowing you to remove even serious clogging (caused, e.g., by toilet paper, foliage, etc.) or grease (caused, e.g., by kitchen waste) reliably.

[EXTREMELY MANOEUVRABLE] The hose is particularly flexible, extremely manoeuvrable, very light and low friction! The user can move unhindered because the hose does not twist and he does not have to bend or soil himself to guarantee an uninterrupted water flow.

AREBOS pipe cleaning hose 15 m

The pipe cleaning hoses from AREBOS allow for quick and easy cleaning of pipes. The cap nut facilitates the connection with a water tap. The direct connection to the gun of a high-pressure cleaner by means of the adapter is more efficient though.

Due to the back-firing nozzles, the hose pulls itself autonomously into the pipe. Cleaning is especially environmentally friendly since it is facilitated only with water and without the use of any chemicals.

Powerful cleaning performance
An operating pressure of 160 bar and a hose length of 15 m allow you to reach any point inside the pipe. Effortlessly remove stubborn impurities with this pipe cleaning hose from AREBOS.

Convenient nozzle
The back-firing nozzle pressure with 3 jets allows for reliably removing dirt. The nozzle pressure causes the hose to be pushed through the pipe. Useful accessory for efficient pipe cleaning!

Connection to a gun or device
Suitable for connecting to a water tap or to a high-pressure cleaner by means of the included adapter. Connecting the hose directly to the gun of a high-pressure cleaner by means of the adapter is more efficient though.

Environmentally friendly
Quickly cleaning your sewage pipes will save water and hence protect the environment. Rectifying clogging will require only water – no chemicals needed!

Best price performance ratio
Save money – Forget costly plumber bills and get this inexpensive pipe cleaning hose now. We offer best price performance ratio with solid workmanship!

Cleaning drainage pipes, sewage pipes, waste pipes, and gutters. Perfect for cleaning cobble and paving, for cleaning garden devices and outdoor furniture, for treating forest trees with parasiticides, and for cleaning motorcycles and cars. Save money & effort.

Suitable for the following brands:
Kärcher, Top Craft, King Craft, Aldi, Eurom,
all high-pressure cleaner and spray gun models with M22x1.5 mm external thread.

Anti-kink protection
The flexible pipe cleaning hose features a useful anti-kink protection, preventing the accumulation of water. The hose is especially flexible and extremely maneuverable.

If you are on the lookout, this AREBOS pipe cleaning device with drilling and cutting heads could be the one you need!

The delivery scope of this powerful pipe cleaner includes coils of different sizes and a comprehensive set of drilling heads, allowing you to mechanically clean pipes and remove clogging easily. The drainage cleaner is suitable both for professional as well as for private use.

1.50 kgs
Delivery Scope

1x pipe cleaning hose
1x Adapter

Relevance of Dangerous Goods
Bayonet connection
M22 x 1,5 mm
Diameter Connection
1.5 mm
Diameter Hose
9 mm
15 m
Model Name
Number of Packages
Operating Pressure Max.
160 Bar
Max. Water Temperature
60 °C
Product Family
Pipe Cleaning Hose
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