Pool Solar Foil 4,57 m round 120mic

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AREBOS Pool Solar Foil round 4,57 m

The special structure of the solar foil noticeably improves the heating of the water and sustainably prevents rapid cooling, e.g. in strong winds or overnight. During the day, the foil heats your pool by up to 8 °C with the help of natural solar energy.

One person is enough to spread the foil ‒ which has a large number of air pockets on its underside, out over the water and remove it again. The nubs under the foil transfer the heat directly to the water. Since the solar foil is pulled out to cover the entire pool, it also serves as a thermal barrier and protection against dirt.

Heating up a pool with a solar foil is significantly more effective than using a normal tarpaulin for this purpose. The wear-resistant pool cover from AREBOS is suitable for all outdoor pools and can be easily cut to the desired size with scissors.

We firmly believe that the quality of a product is everything. That's why we stick to our quality standards and rely on 120µ thick PE film. This ensures that the solar film remains stable and fits perfectly, even in rain or storms.

With a solar foil in place, operating an external pool heater becomes much more efficient, since the heat fed in cannot escape again immediately. This will allow you to extend the swimming season.

Incident light is converted into heat by the solar foil. This increases the water temperature without you having to switch on an external pool heater.

During cool nights, the water temperature of the pool tends to drop considerably. With a solar foil, the heat loss is drastically reduced. This also makes the operation of an external pool heater more effective.

With a solar foil you can also reduce your water costs. By placing it directly on the water, evaporation is reduced to a minimum.
Our solar foil has a material thickness of 120 my (0.12 mm), which guarantees good thermal insulation and heating of the water temperature.

A swimming pool should always be covered when not in use. This prevents dirt, for example leaves, from getting into the water. As a result, you will need to use less of your water care products and there will be less stress on your pool filter.

2,581.00 kgs
Application Area
Outdoor pool
Delivery Scope

1x Solar foil

Special Features
  • Eco-friendly and economical heating of the pool water with the energy of the sun
  • Also acts as thermal insulation for already heated water
  • Floats on the surface of the swimming pool
  • Protects the pool against impurities and minimises the evaporation rate of the water
  • The foil is light, which makes it easy to handle
  • Less cleaning work
  • Longer swimming season
  • Available in various sizes
  • Can easily be cut cut to the desired size and shape
4.57 m
PE (polyethylene)
Material Thickness
0.12 mm
Number of Packages
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