Puppy playpen 8-piece 80 cm with protective tarpaulin


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Robust materials
This rabbit hutch is made from high-quality, robust materials that have been specially selected to withstand daily wear and tear. The mesh walls are weatherproof, stable and resistant. The stable construction ensures a long service life for the playpen.

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Simple assembly and transport
The playpen can be set up quickly and easily without the need for special tools. It can also be folded up to save space, making storage and transport easier. This highlight emphasises the user-friendliness and practicality of the product.

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Indoor use
Indoors, the puppy run is a safe and controlled place for your puppy. It offers the opportunity to supervise your puppy in your home while he plays or rests in a protected space. This is particularly helpful if you want to shield him from dangerous areas or activities. The playpen creates a clear boundary while protecting your furnishings from potential damage.

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Outdoor use
Outdoors, the rabbit hutch is a real treat for your pup. It allows your pet to sniff the fresh air, play in the garden and explore the outdoors, while giving you full control over his safety and behaviour. The weatherproof canopy shields your pup from the elements and ensures they can play comfortably and safely outdoors, even in the rain or strong sun.

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Large play and cuddling area
The puppy playpen creates a versatile environment that fulfils the different needs of your puppy. It offers space for fun and relaxation and promotes your pet's physical and mental development and well-being. A comfortable and soft bed or blanket can be added to create a perfect cuddling and sleeping environment.

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Adjustable shapes
This guinea pig cage offers the flexibility to adjust the shape according to your needs. Whether rectangular, square or round, you can vary the shape of the playpen to suit your current requirements and available space. This gives you full control over the space your puppy uses and allows you to make it safe and comfortable, just as you wish.

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Incl. protective tarpaulin
The tarpaulin cover for this puppy playpen offers additional protection on warm summer days. It shields your puppy from the intense sunlight and allows him to play outside without overheating. It allows your puppy to play safely outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

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You can rest assured that the playpen is firm and stable, with no risk of it tipping over or collapsing. Whether your puppy is playing, jumping or romping, the playpen provides a stable and safe environment. To ensure that your clever four-legged friends can stay in the cage unsupervised, our door is also equipped with a double lock.

3,184.00 kgs
Application Area
Indoor & Outdoor
Delivery Scope
  • 1x Puppy run (7x mesh elements without door)
  • 1x Mesh element with door
  • 8x Rods for more stable fastening in the ground
  • 1x Tarpaulin
  • 1x Instruction manual

With weatherproof tarpaulin

Frame material
80 cm
80 cm
Model Name
Number of Packages
80 cm
Diagonal in eight-sided form
210 cm
Dimensions in rectangular shape
ca. 246 x 83 cm
Dimensions in square
163 x 163 cm
Dimensions of each grid wall
80 cm
Distance from opposite sides in octagonal form
200 cm
Door dimensions
62 x 32 cm
Mesh size
ca. 3,8 x 15 cm
Octagon, rectangle, L-shape, square
Surface treatment
powder coating
Tarpaulin material
Terylene190 special fabric, mesh netting
Product Family
Puppy playpen
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