Sand filter system blue - incl. 700g filter balls


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Simple operation 
With the massive selector lever, you can perform complete water purification without having to shut off or remount anything. The valve allows you to set the different operations: Filtering, backwashing, rinsing, circulating, draining, closing as well as winter mode. The operation is easier and more comfortable than with a cartridge filter system.

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Standard Connection
The AREBOS sand filter system model has connections for swimming pool hoses with a diameter of between Ø 32 and 38 mm as standard. This means that you will be able to connect virtually all commercially available swimming pools. The filter container is connected to the 7-way valve with a solid, quality-tested clamping ring.

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High-quality Filter Pump
The 400W filter pump from AREBOS has an operating pressure of up to 3.5 bar, a delivery head of 8.5 m and a maximum flow rate of 10200 l/h. Despite its excellent filter performance, the sand filter system impresses with its low power consumption.

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Pressure Control
The pressure gauge built into the 7-way valve always only shows the actual operating pressure of your sand filter system. This allows you to react immediately when, for example, the filter medium, i.e. the filter balls or the quartz sand, needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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Includes 700g Filter Balls 
One of the biggest advantages is the special material used. This is because the individual filter balls for swimming pool sand filter systems are made of 100 % polyethylene, and are therefore also 100 % recyclable. The balls are washable, so you can reuse them multiple times. They also convince with their low weight, which eliminates the need to drag around heavy bags.

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Good Water Quality
Be sure to use a filter system to ensure good water quality. The sand filter system works very simply. The pump pumps the water from the pool into the filter unit, which has been filled with filter balls or sand. The water is led through the filter medium, during which the dirt sticks to the filter. After that the clean water is pumped back into the pool.

Age Recommendation
For adults

1x 700 g filter balls

Protection Class
Class 2
Special Features
  • 7-way valve
  • backwash
  • rinse
  • Filter
  • winter mode
Suitability Area
Filter Balls: 100% Polyethylene
Delivery Scope
1x sand filter system
1x multi-functional valve
1x 700 g filter balls
1x user manual
Appropriate Water Temperature
0 - 45 °C
Diameter Connection
38 cm
Filter Power
400 W
Filtration System
Sand Filter
Max. Flow Rate
10200 l/h
Length of Hose
2 m
Material Case
Max. Pump Output
10200 l/h
Model Name
Number of Packages
IP Protection Class
Amount of Sand
20 kg
Suitable Types of Water
Type of Power Plug
230 V
Product Family
Sand Filter System
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