Solar collector for pools


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Maximum energy generation
The black solar mats from the solar collector absorb the sun's rays and become very hot as a result. The water taken from the pool flows through the solar mats and is heated by them before it is then returned to the pool. The solar pool heater by AREBOS impresses with its easy handling and high-quality equipment, the optimal design as well as the uncomplicated and quick installation.

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High-quality material
The solar panel is made of very robust polyethylene, which is suitable for use in salt water, is particularly weather-resistant and durable and has a stable performance. Solar heating uses nature's most powerful heat source. Sunlight is amplified within the streamlined housing and heats your pool water.

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Energy saving and environmental protection
Use the green, environmentally friendly energy source of the sun to heat your pool or outdoor swimming pool with the environmentally conscious solar collector from AREBOS. Save further costs for the conventional power supply and benefit from the operating mode of our solar collector through natural solar energy.

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Height adjustable legs
Benefit from the integrated height-adjustable legs, allowing you to always place the solar collector appropriately in a tilted solar orientation to maximise sunlight. This allows you to set the perfect position at any time of day to take advantage of maximum function.

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Adaptable to all needs
The pool heater has a linear design that effectively uses solar energy to absorb heat in a short time. The solar heater can be extended as required to increase the heating effect. Theoretically, an infinite number of mats can be connected in the simplest way.

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Wide range of applications
This solar heater is compatible with most above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. It is suitable for many outdoor areas such as courtyards and gardens. You can choose where to use it according to your needs. Enjoy wonderfully tempered water in your pool or outdoor swimming pool, and just feel completely comfortable!

2,657.00 kgs
Delivery Scope
  • 1x Solar panel
  • 1x Mounting material
  • 1x Instruction manual
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
Special Features
  • System-integrated solar heating mats
  • Maximum and environmentally friendly energy generation
  • No additional energy costs
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Height-adjustable feet for the ideal angle of incidence
  • Capacity up to 15 litres | Flow rate up to 10,000 L/h
  • Hose connection Ø 32/38 mm
  • Higher heating capacity possible due to expandable modules
  • Especially weather-resistant and durable, also suitable for salt water
  • Provides pleasantly warm water - prolongs the outdoor bathing season
Suitability Area
Installation Type
Easy installation
Model Name
Number of Packages
Product Family
Solar Heating
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