Fruit press 30 L


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With this practical and functional juicer you can process garden fruit into fruit juice in the traditional way. Different types of fruit, such as apples, pears, peaches, etc. can be prepared naturally for various products, e.g. juice, must, wort, mash.

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Stable base frame
The sturdy feet of the base frame - which have holes for screwing onto a solid surface for even more stability - ensure a safe and extended service life. Even under high loads, safe and speedy processing is guaranteed at all times.

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Robust construction
Traditionally made of wood and iron, the fruit press is particularly robust. Due to the spindle design, a very high pressure can be generated with little effort and the juice can be completely squeezed out of the fruit. The conical base has a spout which ensures that the extracted fruit juice runs directly into a collecting vessel (not included) without any loss.

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Easy handling
First, the supplied pressing cloth is placed in the fruit container, which is then filled with fruit up to about 3 cm below the rim. Now the two half pressure plates are placed around the spindle and the spacer blocks and pressure block are placed on top. Then the pressure is increased manually via the lever and the juice is pressed out of the fruit.

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LFGB compliant 
The food safety has been tested by LFGB. Thanks to its sturdy construction, this press is designed for quick and easy operation and many years of reliable, trouble-free service. The wooden parts are tasteless and untreated.

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Simply practical
The fruit press has a press cloth with which you can easily remove the press residues. The press cloth can be washed in the washing machine, so hygienic use is guaranteed. In addition, the fruit press is very easy to clean and you get a high juice yield.

15.80 kgs
Delivery Scope
  • 1x Fruit press
  • 1x Pressing cloth
  • 1x Instruction manual
Special Features
  • Only little effort required
  • Easy to clean, washable
  • Highest juice yield and best juice quality
  • Traditional method of operation with hand-operated screw presses
  • Incl. washable pressing cloth
  • Sturdy metal spindle construction
  • Extra large collecting tray with outlet
  • With extra large 30 litre press basket for juicing fruit, berries and fruits
  • For all kinds of juice, must, wort, fruit, berries, vegetables etc.
  • For better grip, the base plate of the fruit press can be mounted firmly on the floor or on a worktop
Basket height
51 cm
30 l
Diameter basket
37 x 37 x 102 cm
Material base frame
Material press
Cast iron, oak wood
Material press cloth
100% polyester
Model Name
Number of Packages
Operating Mode
Product Family
Fruit press
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