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Jump Start and Battery Charger 800Ah


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[2 IN 1] Professional jump starter and battery charger 40-800 Ah 12/24V for motorbikes, cars and lorries. With 6 adjustable levels & quick-charge function (booster) on level 4. Jump-start function for starting engines and battery charging.

[TIMER FUNCTION] The battery charger has a timer with a time-span of up to 60 minutes, and can be used for fast charging. The overheating protection means that the unit switches off automatically if it starts overheating.

[SAFETY COMES FIRST] Large-diameter professional charging cable equipped with surge, reverse polarity and thermal protection, insulated clamps and "overheat" warning indicator. Comes with an additional fuse to prevent overcharging.

[ALWAYS READY TO GO] With the carrying handle, castors and a robust sheet steel housing, the jump starter is always ready for quick use. The cable storage compartment at the front allows practical stowage of the mains plug and the pole clamps.

[EASY TO USE] The ammeter is analogue and clearly readable. Selector switch for normal or fast charging, different charging positions ‒ individual setting of current transmission.

AREBOS jump starter and battery charger – a multifuctional emergency lifesaver for your car!

This professional device is suitable for starting motor vehicles as well as charging and quick-charging vehicle batteries for motorbikes, cars and lorries with capacities from 40 to 800 Ah.

You can also use your jump starter as a fully automatic charger, both for ordinary 12 V car batteries and 24 V lorry batteries. For easy monitoring of the charging process, the device includes a built-in ammeter which shows the charging current at any given time.

The insulated pole clamps of the charging and starting device help to ensure optimum contact with the battery poles.
The large wheels make the starter easy and comfortable to move. With your safety foremost in our minds, we have built in a surge, reverse polarity and thermal protection system and finished the device with a scratch-resistant, powder-coated sheet steel housing with a carrying handle.

Depending on your individual needs, you can use the selector switch to alternate between the normal and fast charging levels.
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Robust sheet steel housing
The battery charger consists of a sturdy, scratch-resistant housing made of powder-coated sheet steel and durable plastic. This enables you to work safely and comfortably with the AREBOS battery charger

Additional fuse
The AREBOS jump starter has an additional fuse that ensures your safety. As soon as the vehicle is accidentally overloaded with electricity, the device will interrupt the flow of energy.

Timer function
With the AREBOS charger you can individually optimise the current permeability. Depending on how you want to use the unit, you can set the charging levels and the time to suit.

Charge and fast-charge function
In addition to the jump-start function, the unit also offers a function for charging and quick-charging 12 V or 24 V vehicle batteries.

Practical in use
The additionally built-in cable storage compartment helps to stow away the mains plug and the pole clamps, bringing order to your work..

Versatile functions
With this product from AREBOS you can jump start motor vehicles as well as charge and fast-charge the batteries of motorbikes, cars and lorries with capacities from 40 to 800 Ah.

Mobile in use
Make working easy for yourself with the large built-in plastic castors and practical handlebar. Push or pull your appliance effortlessly from A to B.

Insulated pole clamps
The insulated pole clamps of the charging and jump-starting device help to ensure optimum contact with the battery poles.

What sets us apart!
• Your satisfaction is our top priority, so it's important to us that the units are packed really solidly and padded with extra Ethafoam. The safe arrival of your order is our promise!
• We also offer various spare parts for this jump starter and battery charger. If there is anything you need, all you have to do is contact our friendly customer service team.

19.36 kgs
Application Area
Delivery Scope
1x Starter and battery charger incl. wheels and handle
1x Professional charging cable, pliers with insulated handles
1x Ammeter
1x Reverse polarity protection
1x Thermal protection
1x Operating instructions
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
  • Professional charging cable
  • Pliers with insulated handles
  • Ammeter
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Thermal protection
Average Charging Current
45 A
Average Starting Current
200 A
Battery Capacity
40-800 Ah
Cable Length
1.2 m
Cable Length Charging Cable
1.3 m
Charging Current
50 A
230 V/50 Hz
Model Name
Number of Packages
IP Protection Class
Starting Current
275 A
Starting Voltage
230 V
Timer Max.
60 m
230 V
Product Family
Jumpstarter & Battery Charger
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