KM-Fit fitness stepper

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All the advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect for many aerobic and fitness exercises
  • Extremely robust material enables years of use
  • Supplied with 4 modular foot elements for height adjustment
  • The height can be adjusted in 3 stages: 10, 15 and 20 cm
  • Easy handling, simple assembly and disassembly
  • Lightweight and compact design - easy to transport and store
  • Non-slip support increases grip and prevents slipping
  • The non-slip feet increase stability and protect your floor
  • You can strengthen your chest, back and leg muscles with aerobic exercises, push-ups, sit-ups, etc.

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Structured, non-slip surface
The platform at the top has a non-slip tread surface to guarantee a safe workout. If you move your feet quickly, then a reliable, non-slip tread surface is very important to guarantee a safe, quick and effortless transition from one step to the next. The stepping surface is made of a very comfortable plastic on which you can also train barefoot.

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Three adjustable heights
The level of difficulty of the workout can be easily adjusted by changing the height of the aerobic stepper. This means you can take big or small steps. Thanks to KM-Fit's stepbench, you can easily adapt your workout to your own needs. The height can be adjusted from 10 to 20 cm. When not in use, the 4 modular feet can be easily stored under the fitness stepper.

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Non-slip rubber feet
The height adjustment elements have rubber feet to prevent slipping on all floors and ensure the safety and stability of the step board. The stepboard can be used safely on carpets, hardwood floors and other types of indoor flooring.

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Robust plastic
Made from high-quality PP material that is wear-resistant and durable. The stepboard can withstand loads of up to 200 kg. The rounded edges ensure safe training. It is an excellent piece of fitness equipment for beginners and professionals alike.

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Compact size
You can easily carry our stepper and train not only at home, but also in the office or gym. With its compact dimensions (108 × 41 × 10/15/20 cm), the step bench is easy to stow away after training. The elevations can be conveniently stored under the step bench, making it more practical and space-saving.

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Practical and versatile
Step aerobic training is a light form of aerobic training that promotes fat burning. Depending on your training routine, you can use the KM-Fit step board to train your balance, flexibility, agility and endurance. In addition, step routines can also be used for weight training, core training, etc.

2,565.00 kgs
Delivery Scope
  • 1x Fitness stepper
  • 4x Elevations
  • 1x Instruction manual
Special Features
  • Height adjustable
108 × 41 × 10/15/20 cm
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Step board
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