Metal sheet nibbler 625 W


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[SHEET METAL NIBBLER] The AREBOS 625 W sheet metal nibbler will make cutting easier, faster and safer. It will allow you to cut the material quickly and easily. Making beautifully precise lines and burr-free edges will no longer be a problem. Quality and durability at your fingertips.

[SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS DIFFERENT MATERIALS] The AREBOS Power Shears & Nibbler can cut stainless steel, aluminium and other metals, as well as synthetic materials, without any problems. Sheet metal made of soft steel, rust-resistant hard steel, copper and aluminium can also be handled by the sheet metal nibbler. Suitable for the following material thicknesses: Sheet steel: 0.5 - 4.0 mm; Stainless steel: 0.5 - 2.5 mm; Plastic: 0.3 - 4 mm.

[OUTSTANDING CUTTING ABILITY] The sheet metal nibbler cuts material at a speed of 1000 rpm up to a cutting width of 6.5 cm. The sheet metal nibbler works without sparking and leaves a burr-free cutting edge.

[360-DEGREE ROTATION] Thanks to the 360° rotatable cutting head, profiles like straight lines, curves, lines and circles can be cut easily. Gutters, roof profiles or templates can be cut with great precision.

[COMPACT AND PRACTICAL DESIGN] The ergonomic handle is precisely adapted to the compact and therefore easy-to-handle design. The slim body offers easy gripping. At only 4.2 kg, the machine is particularly handy and will rise to any craft challenge.

AREBOS sheet metal nibbler 625 W

Do you want to cut steel and plastic sheets effortlessly? Then the AREBOS sheet metal nibbler is exactly what you’re looking for! With a stroke rate of 1000/min at a power of 625 W, the original professional AREBOS sheet metal nibbler device will cut 2.5 mm thick stainless steel as well as 4 mm thick steel and plastic up to a cutting width of 6.5 cm.

The professional and high-quality metal sheet nibbler effortlessly cuts flat or corrugated sheets of copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel, as well as synthetic materials or wood, leaving clean as well as smooth and even edges. This flexible professional tool cuts materials into all desired shapes, always delivering perfect results. Even tight bends and precise cut-outs are no problem for this tool. You can rotate the nibbler head 360°, which makes it more flexible and truly multi-functional. Your AREBOS sheet metal nibbler is not only a tool for professionals.

With its small and light-weight structure, this product is easy to use. At 4.2 kg, it is extremely compact, making for comfortable and fatigue-free work. It is an ideal tool for car repair, sheet metal production and new product development. Because the sheet metal nibbler from AREBOS delivers perfect performance even when undertaking complex jobs, it is your ideal companion, not only in your workshop at home, but also if you are a professional!

Make sure to get your AREBOS sheet metal nibbler 625 W at once.

Thanks to the 360° rotatable head and the cable length of 2 m, the sheet metal nibbler from AREBOS guarantees you easy handling, even when there is little space and in hard-to-reach places. With a power of 625 watts as well as an idle speed of around 1000 revolutions per minute, the tool can be used for processing hard, soft, corrugated and smooth materials up to 4.0 mm thick.

Because the sheet metal nibbler from AREBOS delivers a perfect performance even with complex work, it is your ideal companion, not only in your workshop at home, but also if you are a professional! It only takes a few minutes to replace the cutting blade using the spanner. Steering it by hand gives you full control when machining and cutting out workpieces.

Our sheet metal nibbler is made of high-quality metal alloys that are durable and efficient. The fast 1000 rpm cutting speed offers high efficiency. The adjustable (360 degrees) blade guide is for cutting straight lines, curves and circles in any direction. It is capable of cutting out various shapes smoothly and without burrs.

The electric sheet metal nibbler is equipped with a high-quality copper motor with an extended service life and able to withstand high temperatures and deliver a strong performance. The air vent provides quick ventilation and heat dissipation.

The electric sheet metal nibbler easily cuts through sheet metal, corrugated materials, pipes, complex profiles, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and synthetic materials.

This sheet metal nibbler comes with a wide range of accessories. You will receive 1x sheet metal nibbler, 2x carbon brushes, 1x hexagon spanner, 1x spanner, 1x user manual and a tool box for easy transport.

4.20 kgs
Application Area
Delivery Scope
  • 1x nibble machine
  • 1x case
  • 2x replacement carbon brush
  • 1x key1x
  • wrench
  • 1x instruction manual
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
  • 1x Case
  • 2x Carbon brushes
  • 1x Allen wrench
  • 1x Wrench
Protection Class
Class 2
Set Includes
Special Features
  • Easy start-up and operation
  • Long service life because of high quality
  • Suitable for steel, stainless steel and synthetic materials
  • Excellent cutting speed and performance
  • Cuts without causing sparks
  • 360° rotatable cutting head
Tool Set Includes
  • 1x case
  • 2x replacement carbon brush
  • 1x key
  • 1x wrench
Cable Length
2 m
Dimensions Case
41 x 10 x 33 cm
Max. Cutting Capacity Stainless Steel
2.5 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity Steel
4 cm
Model Name
Number of Packages
625 W
230 V
Product Family
Nibbler Machine
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