Nail Drill Set DR-299 - Black


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Manicure & Pedicure
This electric nail file can trim and shape nails, smooth and polish them, remove cuticles and calluses and even help with nail fungus and calluses. It is not only suitable for nail care, but also for nail art.

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Stepless speed adjustment
The speed of the electric file can be infinitely adjusted from 500 to 20000 rpm. This allows you to respond individually to the condition of your nails. Regardless of the speed selected, the nail cutter runs smoothly at all times.

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Low vibration and noise
Filing, polishing & styling nails has never been easier than with the powerful and quiet motor of this nail cutter. Low noise, low vibration and adjustable high speed for smooth and long lasting operation for professional nail art.

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Right and left rotation
Humanised design with two-way switch rotation direction, for ideal handling and corresponding application comfort, suitable for both left and right hand. Thanks to the twist-lock clamping system, bits can be changed easily & quickly.

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Compact & Lightweight
Thanks to the compact design, it's easier than ever to have your nail cutter with you on the go. With the nail cutter complete set, you can complete all manicure and pedicure jobs in no time. Forget expensive nail salons and enjoy perfect nails wherever and whenever.

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Nail hoover - suitable for your Sina Nail Drill
To prevent nail dust from blocking the motor and to ensure that the nail drill works perfectly for a long time, we recommend the use of a nail dust extractor.
The nail dust extractor is not included in the delivery, but can be purchased separately.

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Ergonomic design
Perfectly designed ergonomic shape - fits perfectly in the hand so that it does not cause fatigue after prolonged use and also has a significant impact on the quality of work. The grip pen weighs only 92 g, making it perfect for comfortable holding and use.

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Extensive accessories
With this accessory set you are perfectly equipped for manicure, pedicure as well as for artificial fingernail modelling. Consisting of 6 bits, 200 abrasive sleeves and 30 high-quality diamond cutters with different thicknesses and shapes enable particularly precise work for gel or acrylic nails. The cutters can be sterilised and disinfected.

2,635.00 kgs
Age Recommendation
18 and above
Delivery Scope
  • 1x main unit
  • 1x handset
  • 1x handpiece holder
  • 30x diamond cutter
  • 6x bits incl. mandrel
  • 200x grinding sleeves
  • 1x instruction manual
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
  • 6x bits incl. mandrel
  • 200x abrasive sleeves
Protection Class
Class 2
Set Includes
Special Features
  • 20000 revolutions per minute
  • Low vibration and noise
  • Comfortable to use with right/left rotation
  • Easy handling thanks to ergonomic handpiece
  • Non-slip thanks to feet
  • The cutter can be sterilised and disinfected
  • Fast & uncomplicated use with on & off switch
  • Multifunctional bits with grinding sleeves included
  • Application for private & professional use
Dimensions Handpiece
13.25 cm
50 Hz
LED Display
Model Name
Number of Packages
10 W
Speed ​​Regulation
Type of Power Supply
Mains Connection
USB Port
220 - 240 V
Weight Handpiece
92 g
Product Family
Nail Cutter
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