Manoeuvring jack 3T with foot pedal + 2 pcs. Support trestles 3T


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Compact jack with foot pedal 3t & jack stands set of 2 - for safe work under the car in the workshop and garage
Our jack and jack stands set is a high-quality and reliable solution for all kinds of vehicle maintenance and repair work. With its impressive load capacity, efficient functions and practical features, it helps to make your work easier and safer, whether you are an experienced car mechanic or a DIY enthusiast. It is suitable for both private use and workshop use. The jack includes a solid hydraulic unit that makes this tool a reliable helper.
For optimal manoeuvrability, the jack has four wheels, two of which move freely for maximum flexibility. The lifting rod is extra long, allowing ideal leverage for sweat-free and relaxed working. The integrated foot pedal makes lifting your vehicle quick and easy. The extra high and wide rubber pads protect the bodywork of your vehicle and thus provide a large and safe support surface.
In contrast to mechanical scissor jacks, which usually have a maximum load capacity of 1.5 t and a limited lifting height and maximum height, the AREBOS jack scores with its load capacity of up to 3 t and its unbeatable maximum height of 508 mm.
The AREBOS jack is a very powerful small tool for intensive and versatile use, with a lifting height of 295 mm up to 442 mm and a robust construction as well as a firm stand, so that tipping over and injuries are avoided.
The robust and compact jack stands and jack can be stored in the garage or with other roadside equipment in the boot for easy access. From emergency tyre repairs to oil changes, our jack and jack stands set is a useful addition to your garage.
Whether you want to lift a sports car, SUV, off-road vehicle, van or a small car: it's no problem with this set from AREBOS!
Secure your model now and benefit from the advantages of convenient tyre changing!

Easy handling
No great force is required when using the jack - the lever works with moderate resistance, which helps to control the lifting process. Lowering is done by a simple rotation of the lifting rod. The automatically controlled lowering speed guarantees maximum safety and enables precise application.

High loading capacity
The AREBOS hydraulic jack and jack stands convince with a loading capacity of 3 tons. The jack is a very powerful small tool for intensive and versatile use, with a lifting height of up to 508 mm and a robust construction as well as a firm stand, so that there is no risk of tipping over and causing injury.

Maximum lifting range
The variable lifting height between 130 mm and 508 mm makes the AREBOS jack suitable for various vehicle models. The hydraulic unit in combination with the extra-long lifting rod and the foot pedal make changing tyres child's play.

Optimum protection
The 2 rubber pads supplied are perfectly designed to protect your car body from damage and thus ensure particularly gentle and safe working. The vehicle rests securely on the rubber pad and can be pumped up and lowered without hesitation.

Height adjustment
The working height can be individually adjusted and supports flexible use with a working height of 295 to a maximum of 442 mm. Thanks to the low entry height, the vehicle does not have to be jacked up unnecessarily in advance. The set height is simply fixed with the safety cotter pin.

Stable support
The workshop stands provide safe and stable support for the vehicle on specially profiled and wide foot stands. The wide feet welded to the legs and the corresponding structure of the body ensure the stability of the supports both without and under load.

Robust & compact
Jack made of quality steel has four high-quality castors - two swivel castors and two manoeuvring castors. Two of these can rotate 360° and two are fixed, so that the manoeuvring jack can move freely. The simple, robust design and compact size make it suitable for use in any garage or as a permanent fixture in the boot of a vehicle.

Weld-free work
With the AREBOS jack you can prepare your vehicle for the change of season without welding and in a short time. No annoying crawling on the floor, no strenuous cranking or pulling pumping. Simply drive underneath, pump up with the foot pedal or the long lifting rod, done.
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