Router 1200W - incl. transport case and 12 cutters


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Working comfortably
The new AREBOS router milling machine combines ease of use with a large number of useful functions intended to make your life easier. The ergonomic handles allow for a comfortable grip and contribute to a very pleasant working experience while milling.

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Problem-free adjustment
With the fingertip control dial, the milling depth can be adjusted within a second. The spindle lock allows for easy tool switching with a maximum milling depth/stroke of 55 mm. The finely tuned cutting depth setting allows you to make adjustments of tenths of a millimetre. In addition, the unit has a turret stop with quick adjustment to 7 memory positions.

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Working simply & accurately
The copying sleeve simplifies the work by allowing exact re-milling of pattern templates, and the machine’s performance spectrum is rounded off by the rip fence and the circle cutter. The cutter holder has a diameter (Ø) of 8 and 6 mm (collet chuck 6 and 8 mm), and the dimensions of the milling base plate are approx. 150 x 110 mm, making it suitable for most router tables.

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One step ahead
The vacuum cleaner port for vacuuming wood chips ensures a clean and dust-free working environment. Simply place the suction tube of the vacuum cleaner on the connection and vacuum up chips and dust while milling. Your respiratory system will thank you!

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The right cutter for any project

1x DIA-12.7 R-6.3 ; 1x DIA-22 R-6.3 ;
1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-14&deg ; 1x DIA-6 ;
1x DIA-32 ANGLE-45° 1x DIA-12.7 ;
1x DIA-16, 1x DIA-22 R-6.3 ;
1x DIA-12, , 1x DIA-28.6 R-9.5 ;
1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-90&deg ; 1x DIA-25 R-4

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Storage & transport
The AREBOS router milling machine comes with a useful carrying case, which allows for space-saving storage of your tool in your workshop or basement, and also facilitates easy transport when not working at home.

2,759.00 kgs
Colour Corpus
Delivery Scope
  • 1x router milling machine
  • 1x extraction adaptor and reducer
  • 1x depth stop
  • 1x rip fence
  • 1x milling head key
  • 1x copying sleeve (exterior diameter 60,6 mm / interior diameter 18.8 mm), 12x router bits (1x DIA-12.7 R-6.3, 1x DIA-22 R-6.3, 1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-14°, 1x DIA-32 ANGLE-45°, 1x DIA-12.7, 1x DIA-16, 1x DIA-22 R-6.3, 1 DIA-12, 1x DIA-6, 1x DIA-28.6 R-9.5, 1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-90°, 1x DIA-25 R-4)
  • 1x carrying case
  • 1x user manual
Relevance of Dangerous Goods
  • 1x extraction adaptor and reducer
  • 1x depth stop, 1x rip fence
  • 1x milling head key
  • 1x copying sleeve (exterior diameter 60,6 mm / interior diameter 18.8 mm)
  • 12x router bits (1x DIA-12.7 R-6.3
  • 1x DIA-22 R-6.3
  • 1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-14°
  • 1x DIA-32 ANGLE-45°
  • 1x DIA-12.7, 1x DIA-16
  • 1x DIA-22 R-6.3, 1 DIA-12
  • 1x DIA-6, 1x DIA-28.6 R-9.5
  • 1x DIA-12.7 ANGLE-90°
  • 1x DIA-25 R-4), 1x carrying case
Protection Class
Class 2
Cable Length
2 m
50 Hz
Lifting Height Max.
55 mm
Model Name
Number of Packages
1200 W
Rotational Speed Max.
30000 rpm
Rotational Speed Min.
11000 rpm
Sound Power Level
101.9 dB
Type of Power Supply
Mains Connection
220 V
Product Family
Electric Trimmer
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